Installation and supply of automated and electric gates

‘Wrought Iron’ style gates

Herts electric gates can supply a bespoke design andd build service for your driveway gate, pedestrian gate and any matching iron railings. We know that everyone’s home is different, that styles and tastes vary, we are not limited to a a few designs. ‘Wrought Iron’ style driveway gates look very impressive, are build to last in heavy guage materials. They can be designed to perfectly match a traditional as well as a modern home.

Hardwood Gates

Our wooden gates are beautifully made gates which naturally enhance your home. Styles vary from standard 5 bar gates upto bespoke driveway and ornate enterence gates. Materials used are either pressure treated softwood, hardwood idigbo or hardwood iroko depending on longevity requirements and associated budgets. All of our wooden gates are strengthened to be suitable for electric gate automation.

Steel Clad Hardwood Gates

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Aluminium Gates

Herts electric gates are now able to provide a premium range of bespoke built aluminium driveway gates and pedestrian gates. This range is truely outstanding and offers discerning clients the opportunity to install a virtually maintenance free alternative to the more traditional materials. Aluminium does not ‘rust’, aluminium is very strong but also relatively light (automation systems are under very little stress as a result). The coatings used  on these gates are guaranteed for seven years so there is now a true premium low maintenancce alternative to the more traditional automatic gate materials.

Automatic Gate systems

We can provide swing gates, sliding gates and cantilever gates and all of the above materials. We can design a solution to best match the requrements at your home or office andd are not limited to one type of gate or material.

Swing gates

The traditional approch, simple yet stylish. Inward or outward opening depending on your requirements. Can be automated with either above ground motors or by using more decrete underground systems where visual appeal is paramount.

Sliding Gates.

An alternative to swing gates where space is at a premium or where upward sloping driveways make swings gates impractical. Sliding gates are automated using a single simple motor so are very reliable and secure. The gates can be make to look like pairs of swings gates if that is your preference but in a single sliding section, this makes them very secure.

Automated cantilever gates

Specialist applications where the gate is held above the driveway via cantilever groundsystem. Used where driveways cannot be easily worked or where traffic like trucks or forklift would damage the tradional sliding gate track.


All of our gates are automated with high quality systems. We are not tied to anyone manufacturer so can choose the very best match for your specific installation and budget. Safety is at the heart of our design, we use all of the very lastest safety equipment and always fit systems with built in ‘anti-crush’ detectors to safeguard people and vehicles in and around the gated area